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Commercial Litigation

We Are Pragmatic, Resourceful, Experienced Litigators.
We tailor our litigation strategies to fit our clients’ specific objectives.
Richard and his colleagues create customized business litigation strategies. We find out what’s important to each client, assess the context of the dispute, and recommend an approach to maximize opportunities and anticipate adverse consequences.
We litigate aggressively to maximize our clients’ negotiating positions.
All things being equal, we prefer negotiated resolutions because they save our clients’ time, money, and emotional angst. Should negotiations be inappropriate or fail, we pursue a litigation strategy that enhances each client’s chances of success in court.
We litigate regularly.
We are proud of our reputation as aggressive but pragmatic litigators. Examples of our success:
  • After he joined a competing firm, a former senior partner of a preeminent consulting firm was sued by his former firm for alleged misappropriation of trade secrets. After extensive discovery among our client and the two other major consulting firms, the case against our client was dismissed.
  • Won a multimillion-dollar post-closing arbitration award on behalf of a national paper manufacturing company.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement through mediation on behalf of a national real estate mortgage brokerage company in a multimillion-dollar federal court lawsuit which resulted in no out-of-pocket payments by the client.