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Executive Separation and Employment-Related Agreements

We Make Your Agreements Better.
For Executives
Agreements are Transformative Events.
We help you realize the economic potential of your employment situation and protect you against adverse developments. Our clients know that “we give a damn.” We want to make every executive move as successful as possible. It means a lot to us to be able to provide a valuable service to our clients at key points in their careers.
When you are terminated: Separation Agreement Examples
  • We negotiated one and one-half times annual salary as part of the severance package for a senior health industry executive.
  • We negotiated a very beneficial million dollar separation agreement for a senior insurance company executive and, shortly thereafter, substantially bolstered his prospective employer’s employment package.
When you move to a better position: Employment Agreement Examples
  • We helped a senior hedge fund executive obtain a favorable management contract with a preeminent hedge fund on behalf of a company he formed,
  • We acted as a “behind the scenes” advisor for a senior technology executive who did his own negotiations when he moved from one financial institution to another.
When you are asked to leave for poor performance or perceived misconduct. Examples
  • After an executive accused of sexual harassment was fired, we were able to craft a separation agreement that allowed him to keep his equity in the company so he could participate in any future IPO.
  • We helped a doctor who was on probation successfully navigate the remedial processes and counseled him regarding his discussions with senior management.
For Management
When start-up firms in the financial services and technology sectors need an employment infrastructure, we help management create employment-related agreements and employee handbooks. As entities grow, we update the protocols to fit their needs.
Where We Can Help
  • Alleged misconduct
  • Complex contract issues
  • Discrimination and harassment allegations
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment-related agreements
  • Theft of confidential information
  • Terminations
  • Trade secrets
  • Work-related conflicts
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