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Trade Secret Litigation In New York Federal Courts: Specificity of Claims Is A Necessity
Trade Secret Litigation In New York Federal Courts: Specificity of Claims Is A Necessity | Richard Friedman

When pleading a claim of misappropriation of trade secrets, plaintiffs must walk a fine line between providing sufficient specificity of the alleged trade secrets, on the one hand, and preventing unnecessary and inadvertent public disclosure, on the other hand. In a trade secret misappropriation action under common law or the Defend Trade Secrets Act of […]

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The ‘Faithless Servant’ Doctrine Under Current New York Law

The faithless servant doctrine allows employers to recover compensation paid to a former employee upon demonstrating that the employee engaged in disloyal and unfaithful conduct during his or her employment. This doctrine, grounded in agency law, offers protection and compensation for employers who discover wrongdoing by current or former employees, especially in situations where proving […]

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Critical Issues in Negotiating Separation Agreements
Severance package word cloud collage , social concept background

Whether the employment relationship ends with a celebratory retirement party after many years, dissolves upon the decision of either party after a short time, or under other circumstances, all employment relationships eventually end. This article will briefly describe some of the provisions that should be considered by employers and executives for inclusion in a separation agreement.

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